"Blue Devil" Make Over

  • Supercharged LS9 Factory engine from the ZR1 Corvette: 638 hp
  • Bowler built 5L80E automatic transmission
  • Custom hood pins
  • Custom carbon fiber engine cover


Gregg Dunkin approached us with an idea to change his “Blue Devil” Camaro from an LS2 to a 638 HPLS9. Bowler supplied us a built 4L80E transmission. We re-engineered the rear 4 link and Ford 9 inch axle to hold the power. That combination launched Gregg to a 10.4 second quarter mile time the first time out….this was his first time ever on any track and his drag experience. He was well pleased with the results but was banned from the Super Chevy track due to no cage or proper seat belts.